Marlow Ropes 'The Core' Yearbook 2017

Jon Intro Welcome to the first edition of “The Core”, a round up of some of the key news and activity that has taken place at Marlow during 2017. As you’ll see we’ve had a very busy year working with some amazing projects, big and small. From grass roots sailing to record breaking Grand Prix yachts and Antarctic exploration to sub-orbital space travel. Perhaps most gratifying this year has been our growing engagement with the local community, something we hope to do much more of in 2018. 2017 saw an expansion in our workforce and machine capacity to help us satisfy growing demand. Our night shift expanded, as has our splicing department and planning function. Much effort has gone into reducing waste and

increasing recycling over the course of the year, again a continuing theme for 2018.

Our sales and marketing teams have been busy attending 20 exhibitions in 2017, from local UK shows, to international exhibitions in Europe, The Middle East and the USA. We’ve also seen a dramatic increase in our on-line marketing presence and subsequent engagement with our customers.

DID YOU KNOW? All our rope is produced on-site which gives us full control of howmuch we recycle andwhere it goes. We supply off-cut ropes to local schools, animal rescue centres, textile andmaterial reclaimcompanies. Our waste aramid fibres are even recycled into brake pads! This year we have recycled 13 tonnes of cardboard, 6 tonnes of plastic and 6.3 tonnes of wood andwe hope to improve our efforts evenmore into 2018.

Next year we hope to build on the success of 2017 and to that end further office and factory expansion plans are already on the drawing board.

It just leaves me to thank all our customers for their business and loyalty, but perhaps most importantly all of the hard working and dedicated employees in Hailsham, UK and Plymouth, USA, without whom none of what you read in the subsequent pages would be possible. Thank you and here’s to a successful 2018. Jon Mitchell, Managing Director

£1,289.00 The total raised for Hailsham charities in 2017 £54.25 Raised from Pancake Day in February £805.00 Raised from a 10k Mud Run in May £429.72 Raised from Garden Party in July

£200.00 was donated to Sophie Curtis from Hailsham to help her

achieve her dream of representing Great Britain in Judo at the World Championships in Latvia.

DID YOU KNOW? InDecember 2016, Marlow created a bespoke 500m rope usingD2 Racing 78 (capable of handling a load of 12 tonnes, approx the weight of six cars) for the London Fire Brigade who rigged the first ever zip-wire across the Thames, which raised £1million for a new clinic research centre at Evelina Children’s hospital, UK.

NEW FACES OF MARLOW 2017 A warm welcome to:

DID YOU KNOW? This year Marlow worked with the Burfield Academy in Hailsham to assist them in educating their children about Hailsham’s history with rope and Thomas Burfield who founded what we now know as Marlow, over 200 years ago. In February, Technical Manager, Paul Dyer spent the morning with three classes teaching them the art of knot tying, in particular the figure of eight knot which is featured on the school’s logo.

Chuck Funk Katy Burrell

Technical Engineer Accounts Assistant Marketing Manager Marketing Intern

Emma Donovan

Sian Killean Thomas Gee

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