Marlow Ropes Definitve Rope Guide Brochure, Issue 6


SWEDISH FIDS Traditional steel splicing fids with a wooden handle, swedish fids are used for Multiplait, 3 strand and Marlowbraid splicing (in conjunction with the riggers splicing needle). SPLICING TOOLS



BRAID-ON-BRAID FID SET The best option for splicing braid-on-braid, this fid set includes 4mm fid up to 12mm

High quality, traditional sailmakers needles in a mixed pack offering different sizes and shapes.

This tough roll up tool bag includes small and large swedish fids and small and larger riggers splicing needles along with Marlow tape, whipping twine and a marker pen. The splicing roll has additional pockets for the budding splicer to expand their splicing tool collection with braid-on-braid splicing fids, scissors, sailmakers needles and a splicing knife.

fid. Also used for D12 (12 strand) splices and can be used for 3 strand lines also.

SAILMAKERS PALM Tough leather palm with added


SPLICING KIT Starter splicing kit includes small and large splicing needles, small swedish fid, whipping twine, Marlow tape and splicing instructions – perfect for the novice.

protection over the ball of the thumb allowing stitching and whipping of even the toughest ropes.

Tough Teflon® coated scissors especially chosen for their ability to cut Dyneema®. These scissors are used by our factory splicers .

RIGGERS SPLICING NEEDLES Splicing needles used for Marlowbraid (quick splice), D2 (covered Dyneema® splice) and can be used on D12 (12 strand Dyneema® splice).


NO.2 NO. 4 NO. 8 NO.16

MARLOW TAPE Marlow branded tape for splicing and finishing of ropes.

No. 2 (Thin)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.4 (Med.)

No.8 (Lge.)


COLOUR white white red blue black green gold beige white DIAMETER(mm) 0.5 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 1.1


Marlow whipping twine is widely regarded as the best whipping twine on the market, the polyester whipping twine is available in 4 sizes and a variety of colours (No.4 only). The waxed finish makes for easier whipping and a better finish. Available in “display boxes” of 12 spools or on 1kg cops .

MARLINE Marlow’s traditional tarred waterproof hemp twine comes in two sizes – large and small. Use for whipping wire splices, mooring posts, heavy duty static mooring lines etc.

Multipurpose splicing needle for very small diameter dinghy ropes such as Excel Control, Excel Racing and Excel D12. Also great for tapering Fusion and Matrix.


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