Marlow Ropes Definitve Rope Guide Brochure, Issue 6


Far from being the little brother to yacht racers, at Marlow we understand that not only does dinghy sailing offer up some of the most exciting and closest racing, it is also the proving grounds for the next generation of grand prix racing superstars. There can be no better endorsement than being the official rope supplier to the multi-gold medal winning British Sailing Team, and the rope of choice of countless other international and national class champions. The Excel range is constantly updated with new products, improved specifications and the latest colours. Imitated by many, matched by none, the Excel Dinghy Series, developed in conjunction with the world’s best sailors will help ensure success at every level of dinghy sailing.

" The British Sailing Team and Marlow Ropes have always worked closely together on rope technology development and supply, and to ensuring that we have the best quality product on board our race boats. The innovation and reliability without compromise that they offer the team help our athletes stay at the top of our sport." MARK ROBINSON: OLYMPIC PERFORMANCE MANAGER, BRITISH SAILING TEAM. “excel [ik’sel], verb – to surpass all others, to be superior (to others) or outstandingly good” Marlow were the first manufacturer to produce a coordinated and complementary range of ropes specifically designed for dinghies and sports boats.


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