Reliability and performance are vital when racing across oceans, and Marlow D2 Racing 78 has consistently provided both on Clipper Race yachts throughout numerous circumnavigations. The service and support behind the product are also vital to the Clipper Fleet, and here again, Marlow Ropes have a proven track record of delivering with performance matching that of the product. SIMON JOHNSTON, HEAD OF MAINTENANCE, THE CLIPPER ROUND THE WORLD YACHT RACE If the ropes in this catalogue (available to any consumer on 6 continents around the world) are good enough to be chosen by the world’s longest round the world yacht race year after year – what products would you recommend? CRUISER & RACER SERIES CRUISER & RACER SERIES It goes without saying that when circumnavigating the globe in a race against 11 other yachts, the ropes on board experience the best and worst conditions that the Southern Ocean, Atlantic and Pacific have to offer. However, the ropes supplied on all 12 Tony Castro design Clipper 70’s are not super expensive, custom made ropes using exotic fibres and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. They are ropes that you will find in any chandlery around the world that stocks Marlow… and when they’ve completed 11 months of punishment, they’re ready to do another 40,000 miles. For the team at Clipper Ventures, hard racing is the name of the game, but so too is safety and durability – that is why they have chosen Marlow for their past 7 round the world races and for the 2017 -18 edition too. Marlow’s ropes have been tried and tested time and again in the toughest conditions imaginable, time and again they deliver…. performance, safety, durability.


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