what is blue ocean ? ®

BLUE OCEAN ® is Marlow Ropes’ sustainably manufactured product line, collective actions and company commitment towards achieving its environmental and sustainability objectives outlined in the company’s environmental policy. For Marlow’s customers and stakeholders, the BLUE OCEAN ® brand provides assurance of our on-going commitment and mission to conduct our operations and production within an environmentally conscious measured framework. For Marlow, being BLUE means : B Being proactive and measured in our commitment to reducing and eliminating our negative environmental impact. Using our global position as a market leader and authority in rope manufacturing to be a key advocate for SUSTAINABLE CHANGE. Educating ourselves and our stakeholders to do better, be better and act responsibly in all areas of our business. l Less is more. Continuing our quest for less energy, less plastics, less waste, less carbon and less emissions. U E Since 2018 we have been putting these words into actions with a company-wide 360 degree approach to achieve the following BLUE OCEAN ® initiatives: 15% of MARLOW’S ARB RANGE IS NOW MADE USING SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS FROM 2019 marlow SWITCHED TO recyclable sugar cane bio plastic ACROSS PRODUCT packaging & SHIPPING SUPPLIES FROM 2018 marlow EnsurEs that all card and paper used in packaging, shipping and marketing is sustainably sourced and FSC certified marlow NOW ENSUREs THAT promotional merchandise items have a LONGER TERM purpose and Where POSSIBLE, ARE Sustainably manufactured.

77% in 2020, marlow are

of MARLOW’S electricity now comes from renewable sources reducing OUR annual carbon footprint by 171 tonnes of c02 100%

In 2020 MARLOW aimS to recycle at least 70% of post-production fibre waste

IN 2018 MARLOW switchED to led lighting WHICH has reduced our electricity consumption by over 20%

expected to reduce their carbon footprint by 77%

Our environmental & sustainable mission continues. Stay updated on all our BLUE OCEAN ® developments at and across our social networks.


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